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Joris Strijbos

Joris Strijbos is a Rotterdam-based artist, working in the fields of expanded (live) cinema, audio performances and kinetic-light-installations. He is one of the persons behind Macular, a collective with a main focus on the synesthetic relation and interaction between moving image and sound.


Starting of as a musician Strijbos released work on different international record labels and performed in many countries throughout Europe. Since 1999 he’s been running several record labels on which he releases all kinds of experimental electronic music. While de-constructing and reconstructing audio equipment for his music performances, he expanded his live-set with obsolete and analogue video equipment.

With a special interest for organic organizations and structures he nowadays creates computer software to generate visual complexity. These techniques re-appear in his installations, in which he focusses on the creation of emergent systems and their possibilities for audio/visual composition.

Performance at DEAF2014