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Pieter Mink

Lieutenant Colonel Pieter Mink, Senior Advisor Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Royal Netherland Army Command.


LtCol Pieter Mink was born January 1958 at Rotterdam. After secondary school he was trained as an air defense platoon commander at the Royal Military Academy in Breda from 1981 till 1985. As a young officer he worked as an air defense platoon commander, commander of a NCO training unit at the air defense Training Center and second in command of an air defense battery.

After his Staff Officers Course and promotion to Major in 1995, he fulfilled several positions from instructor, head of training to staff officer Policy&Plans at the air defense Training Center. From October 2000 till January 2003 he commanded an airmobile air defense company and later he was the air defense and airspace control officer at the 11 Airmobile Brigade (AASLT) “7 December” in Schaarsbergen. From February 2006 till September 2011 he served at the First German/Netherlands Corps in Germany as chief Airspace Control.

Today he is the senior advisor UAS at the Army Staff at Utrecht. In this position he is also responsible for flight safety, quality and airworthiness of UAS. LtCol Pieter Mink served in three missions. UNPROFOR as an UN Military Observer in Bosnia during July 1993 till February 1994. In the SFIR mission, from July 2004 till March 2005, he served in the MN Division CS at Al Hillah, Iraq, In this division he was as staff officer G7 responsible for all training of the Iraqi National Guard. During his final mission from July 2009 till February 2010 he served in HQ ISAF, Kabul as a planning staff officer Information Operations.