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18:30 - 19:35

21:00 - 22:00

23:00 - 02:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Bibliotheek

PERFORMANCE: Potator - PIPS:lab, 23 May

The Potator is the newest PIPS:lab invention. This interactive installation allows the user to make three-dimensional paintings with the visual layers of reality. Specially for DEAF2014 PIPS:lab will take over the library of Het Nieuwe Instituut in the evenings for the Potator performances.

During these sessions you may witness the creation of an airplane, an inscrutable choreography by two men and a camera will transport you along to at least one other dimension. In these Potator performances PIPS:lab ruthlessly combines pictorial art, theater, cinema, games and music.

PIPS:lab makes multimedia performances and interactive art installation since 1999. external link

DEAF Anniversary Party - Potator Live Jam

During the DEAF Anniversary Party PIPS:lab will be performing a live jam with Potator.

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Friday 23 May   
18:30 - 19:30 - Tickets
21:00 - 22:00 - Tickets
Het Nieuwe Instituut Bibliotheek  
Tickets € 5

DEaf anniversary party, Potator Jam

Saturday 24 May    
23:00 - 02:00        
Het Nieuwe Instituut Bibliotheek           
Tickets for the DEAF Anniversary Party € 10

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PERFORMANCE: Potator - PIPS:lab,  23 May
PIPS:lab, Potator