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13:00 - 14:00

13:00 - 14:00

13:00 - 14:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut Café

FEED THE SCENE: TV Lunch, 22 - 24 May

Watch, listen & eat: the TV Lunch brings you a host of talented artists, makers, thinkers, organisations & start-ups invited by the curatorial team to present their latest project, product, book or event.


Guests include:

Thursday 22 May

BrowserBased: partly a material / technically oriented platform dealing with the browser based context as well as a net-culture knowledge base. The aim is to embed the participant into the internet art culture and let him/her actively contribute.

Paulien Dresscher: head of the new media department and curator of the MediaLab at Cinekid in Amsterdam

Eleanor & Oliver Wise - People's E-Book: A free, beautifully-simple tool to make e-books better.

Friday 23 May

Special guest the Amish Futurist tries to grasp the impact of technology in every day life and is spreading the low tech prophecy.

Pink Pony Express- Raduga: an app that predicts rainbows over Russia, as a meteorological protest.


Olof van Winden - TodaysArt: TodaysArt has been presenting programs focused on adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts, architecture and digital culture annually since 2005.

Friday is also drones day with a seminar on drones, a drones design workshop and drones presentations. The TV lunch will also bring attention to drones with artists including Job van der Molen.

Saturday 24 May

Sjoerd van Tuinen will be elaborating on the book Giving and Taking, a V2_ publication that will be for sale at DEAF2014.

Annemartine van Kesteren -

Jan Jongert - Superuse Studios: a Rotterdam based architecture office that utilises the contextual potential for design. A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear process but as a phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.


Thursday 22 May, Friday 23 May, Saturday 24 May
13.00 -14.00
Café Het Nieuwe Instituut
Free entrance

FEED THE SCENE: TV Lunch,  22 - 24 May