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Boris Petrovsky – Das Vergerät

In this interactive installation by Boris Petrovsky 100 household appliances lie on the ground linked to each other. They convey messages that visitors have passed on to the work.

Das Vergerät addresses the relationship between humans and machines, technology as social construction and its visual, metaphorical and verbal

Visitors can initiate communication via software; the message is translated by the interconnected blenders, electric toothbrushes, microwaves etcetera and repeated in machine idiom.

The strong physical presence of the appliances and their processes triggered by the software lead to the hidden or non-addressed aspects of technology in daily life, which are usually covered up by the fancy, colorful product design of their interface. external link, Vimeo

Main Exhibition, overview

 Boris Petrovsky – Das Vergerät
Photo:Pauline Manet