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Drones Day Friday 23 May

Friday 23 May is drones day At DEAF2014. Visit Het Nieuwe Instituut for a fully packed drones day with a Drone Salon seminar, a Drones Design workshop and drones Presentations and demonstrations.


Drone Salon Seminar

Speakers: Malkit Shoshan, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Catherine Harwood, Matthew Stadler, Ruben Pater, Belkis Wille, Pieter Mink, Yael Messer and Liam Young.

This seminar, punctuated by demonstrations and presentations, will consist of five conversations between Malkit Shoshan, Ethel Baraona Pohl and experts in the field: military innovators, artists, drones pilots, NGO workers, philosophers and architects. The conversations will bring together multiple views, examples and projects on the spatial effects of the implementation of drones in war and in peace time.

Demonstrations and presentations

Via an open call Het Nieuwe Instituut invited artists, designers and practitioners working in the field of drones and spatial issue, to present and demonstrate their work at DEAF2014. This seris of presentations and demonstrations, including a 'make yor own drone'workshop', is a continuation of the Drones seminar.


Liam Young - Electronic Countermeasures

Ruben Pater - Drone Survival Guide

Alejandro Sajgalik - Drone. Speculative Fictions in the Age of the Drone

Roelof de Vries - Shadowview. Unmanned aerial systems for environmental, conservation and humanitarian relief operations.

Jacob Burns & Steffen Kraemer - Drones’ multiplying publics and forensic reconstruction

David Middendorp

Lot Amoros - GuerillaDrone, Dronecoria, Augmented Airspace, Dronism, Flone

Daan Krijnen, Leiden University - AR drone face tracking

We will also show a compilation of video material from international artists and practitioners, including:

Lee Montgomery
Niklaus Mettler
Andrej Boleslavsky
Maria Judova
Anders Eiebakke
Joseph Delappe
Mark Simpkins
Scott Sorli

Drones design workshop

In this 2 hour workshop, facilitated by Unexpect (Emer Beamer) and Maarten Kip, we will share some of the latest designs and their uses by artists and activists. You can learn to fly a nano-copter or an FPV drone, it takes some practice. Also we will elaborate on what it takes to build your own drone.